Our site and our culture

South of the Barber has a rich history which stretches back to Nov 2017 😉 However, our site is quite historic. The building was commissioned by the Marist Brothers back in 1938 and built to very high standards. It was designed with a robust architecture, with great wood work (lots of Rimu) and classy fittings. This turn if the 20th Century Accomodation was then converted into a spatious Back Packers and recently reorientatecd as a Hostel.

We are very focused in creating a welcoming culture of respect, where travelers could meet in our shared areas but also easily find the time and space to keep to themselves and/or their group. Clean and spatious premises and a culture of respect gives the opportunity for both.

As a Back Packers, the site could host 50+. However, we have substantially cut on that figure as we have made our rooms private and relieved our shared areas as of to run efficiently (clean and with style). Having said, we are also very keen on giving value (for money) as reflected by our very competitive introductory prices.